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Woodcut title Voluptuousness, Calm and Luxury '82

Voluptuousness, Calm and Luxury '82

Woodcut with adhesive letters
65 x 54 centimeters

The desire to experiment with a low tech medium, and the theft of the camera gear used for screen printing, led to the testing of woodcut prints as an alternative. It was short lived and only two prints were made.

The title of this example, Voluptuousness, Calm and Luxury '82, is a cynical take of the Henri Matisse painting, Volupte, Calme et Luxe, showing women enjoying life in an arcadian landscape. In this re-imagining, the idyllic landscape is replaced by Big John's car sales yard depicting a salesman showing a flirtatious interest in a female customer. The customer reciprocates by patting a little white dog, ambiguously indicated by outline only, sitting on the salesman's lap. The sensual colour palette and sinuous forms of the Matisse painting are reduced to flatly printed block colour and mechanical outlines denuded of any romantic association. The composition is based on a still from the fine John Boorman film, Point Blank.

Alain Jacquet - Camouflage H. Matisse, Luxe, Calm et Volupte: Pompidou Centre