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Woodcut title Synpac Syntax

Synpac Syntax

Circa 1982
Woodcut, photocopy and vynl
Diptych 130 x 50 centimeters

In the early 1980's an Australian bank rebranded itself to become known as Westpac. It is now a familiar name but at the time the 'pac' component struck me as being synthetically corporate and faintly sinister. It was also the start of the mobile billboard in this country, with services offering the printing of company logos on the increasingly popular baseball cap. Again this is now a commonplace, but with the currency of punk and residual hippy values of the time, this sort of corporate insinuation into public life was sometimes regarded with suspicion.

The woodcut features a desolate plaza replete with a banal piece of sculpture, an environment favoured by town planners in the 1960's and 70's. On the wings, much like a modern day putti, are a pair of baseball capped Big Brothers.

I was never entirely satisfied with this print and a leftover copy of the woodcut was recycled and collaged with other materials to further explore the theme of bleak public spaces. Despite the misgivings, Synpac Syntax featured prominently on a Japanese website; I never solved the mystery of why someone was that interested and shrugged it off as an idiosyncrasy of the Internet.