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Screenprint title International Smooth

International Smooth

Circa 1980
Screen print with textured paper and silver pigment
Triptych: Left and right panels 33 x 60 centimeters, centre panel 64 x 60 centimeters
Collection National Gallery of Australia

International Smooth could be read as an comment on 1970's globalisation, which in this case was the popularity of glass topped coffee tables and vinyl sofas. The triptych format here resembles an altarpiece with a cool dude Adam adjusting his shades on the left and a red haired Eve in a dressing gown on the right. The object of worship in the centre panel is style.

This print was made deliberately abusing sound screen printing technique where an assortment of no-no's such as bleeds, punctured stencils and ink suction marks, together with a disagreeable colour palette and tacky paper collage subvert the ostensible stylishness of the scene.