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Screenprint title Gimme it Easy

Gimme it Easy 2

Circa 1980
Screen print
Diptych: Left panel 46 x 33 centimeters, right panel 56 x 33 centimeters
Collection National Gallery of Australia

In the early 1970's the Rolling Stones sang Gimme Shelter and The Stooges sang Gimme Danger. I liked the throwaway street quality of those sentiments and applied that thinking to relationship issues with the cry of give me a break, or gimme it easy. The formal looking man is cramped into the left panel of this diptych while the woman stands amidst the disorder of clothes thrown over the backs of chairs and perfume bottles spread over her dresser.

Both panels share a 'horizon line' of furniture and a deeper yellow shadow to unify a composition of jarring acid greens, fire engine reds and murky purple hues punctuated by discordant forms. I could never resist subtly subverting the conventions of multi panel compositions; in this case the mans head is partly chopped off or he may have hit a metaphoric wall.

The relationship theme was first explored in Gimme it Easy