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Screenprint title Gimme it Easy

Gimme it Easy

Circa 1979
Screen print
Diptych, each panel 42 x 40 centimeters

Popular rock lyrics often employ vernacular phrases and titles such as, Gimme Danger by proto-punk outfit, The Stooges, and The Rolling Stones' Gimme Shelter. The use of this type of street language was virtually unknown in the visual arts, and the idea of invoking such downbeat sentiments to subvert the high-mindedness of fine art amused me. This print is about relationship issues; the woman in the foreground has just heard the bad news while the new lover in the background waits how matters play out. The male figure, dreading the emotional complications, would be the person wishfully dreaming of an easy transition, ergo "gimme it easy".

This print was made in a studio which amounted to a small spare room and that limited the screen size I could use. The diptych format overcame the size limitation but more importantly opened up compositional and narrative possibilities. The rather awkward composition of Gimme it Easy was meant to be read in a comic book fashion; the second empty panel only partly follows the logical perspective of the left one, however the slight shift in colour palette and its emptiness were meant to suggest another season and hence the passage of time. The relationship theme was revisited in Gimme it Easy 2.