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Digital print Re-imagining 41

Re-Imagining 41:
Jesus Franco Eurotrash Cinema

Inkjet on watercolour paper
90 x 60 centimetres

Jesus (Jess) Franco liked to inject gratuitous lesbian sex into his ‘eurotrash’ films of the 1960’s and 1970’s and even if it made no narrative sense it was a rule he felt little obligation to observe. A couple of beautiful women pleasuring each other was the culmination of his 1971 film, She killed in Ecstasy, that bizarrely was preceded by one of the women’s extermination of her husband’s professional peers who took umbrage with some dodgy eugenics experiments he had been pursuing.

Notwithstanding the luridness, what caught my attention were the high style minimalist modern interiors framing the sex scenes and the exterior shots of Spanish architect Ricardo Bofill’s marvellous Xanadu apartments situated on a spectacular Mediterranean clifftop.

I had briefly considered modelling Boffill’s creation so that it could be seen through the picture windows in the background of this print but the tedium of working accurately from disparate photos convinced me to settle for the mundane holiday architecture typical of Xanadu’s neighbouring Benidorm. Likewise I ditched any thoughts of portraying the women en flagrante, opting instead for what is likely a preamble with the woman in the bathrobe signalling her availability while her friend reciprocates by extending her leg meaningfully.

My intention to load the apartment with stylish decoration faltered a bit and I leant towards a leaner composition, the zebra rug providing a visually emphatic, horizontal element that acts as an island locking the seated women together. And, off course, there is that weird icon of 1970’s Italian style, The Blow armchair, an item I have always viewed as being a bit naughty.

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