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Digital print Re-imagining 32

Re-Imagining 32:
The Outsider

Inkjet on watercolour paper
90 x 60 centimetres

The landscape is the salient feature of this print partly because it suits the theme of the individual faced with an indifferent universe and partly because of a software tool which I wanted to explore. The software, Photoscan, is based on photogrammetry which makes use of of digital photos to form a textured three dimensional model. The ocean beach close to my house features interesting rock formations which I have long wanted to incorporate into my work but the complexity of modelling the forms using conventional 3D techniques was prohibitive, a process which is much simplified with Photoscan.

I have also found that walking along a beach is conducive to meditating on metaphysical ideas and I have long been intrigued by the French author Albert Camus’ existential novel, The Outsider, and its description of the murder of a stranger as an act of free will. Camus evidently liked sunshine and beaches and it is striking that he chose a site that many associate with pleasure and freedom for such an apparently nihilistic act. I had no interest in exploring the violence of Camus’ theme but preferred instead to focus upon a solitary figure clearly more engrossed with his internal dialogue rather than the aesthetics of the landscape which appears to be more latently hostile rather than nurturing.

Writer Alain de Botton on Albert Camus: Open Culture