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Digital print Re-imagining 27

Re-Imagining 27:
Google Street View

Inkjet on watercolour paper
90 x 60 centimetres

The massive hoovering of data for the Google Street View project inadvertently captured people engaged in activities which were occasionally of a borderline licit nature, such as street sex work. Although the company were quick to mask their identity, photography enthusiasts appreciative of the unmediated rawness of the material saved the more eye-catching examples. The dusty yards, broken pavement and chain link fences that form the visual urban backdrop illustrate the sociologically benighted suburbs that often feature in these photos.
The glaring noon light, the flatness of the landscape, the fibro-cement sheet clad house, the brown summer lawn, the solitary hardy tree and the cheap plastic chair indicate real estate that isn’t particularly desirable. The girls, one of who warily regards the Google camera while her friend spontaneously smiles for it, could be working or they could be going out for a bit of action.

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