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Digital print Re-imagining 25

Re-Imagining 25:

Inkjet on watercolour paper
80 x 60 centimetres

As an example of the narcissism that digital technology permits, the selfie, especially when the photographer wishes to write themselves into history as bearing witness to a momentous event, presents interesting ethical questions. It was the reports of selfie shooters in front of police barricades at the Lindt Cafe siege in Sydney in 2014 and at the kosher supermarket siege in Paris following the Charlie Hebdo massacre, that prompted a closer look at this phenomenon.
The two women depicted here are unflatteringly portrayed posing in front of a crime scene, oblivious of its tragic consequences while the detective gazes speculatively at the victim. The surroundings are coolly banal, suggesting a world where business as usual will quickly be resumed.

Selfie: Re-Imaginings on Youtube
Twitter post showing selfie shooters at the Sydney Lindt Cafe siege