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Re-imagining 23

Re-Imagining 23:
Upskirt / Selfie

Inkjet on watercolour paper
90 x 67.5 centimetres

"It took him minutes, it took her nowhere". This snippet from the lyrics of the 1975 David Bowie song, Young Americans, provided the kernel of an idea for a digital print about motherhood and suburbia. The assets (geek speak describing the geometry and the textures used in 3D modelling) of that project, minus the original figure, have been recycled for use in this re-imagining of the upskirt / selfie photo.
The suburban ennui expressed in that work has here been replaced by an instance of home-made exhibitionism. The surrounding objects imply that the poser is probably a housewife, and that her moment of naughtiness is an expression of her sexuality outside her humdrum suburban existence.

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