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Re-imagining 19

Re-Imagining 19:
The Writing on the Wall, The Book of Daniel

Inkjet on watercolour paper
90 x 60 centimetres

The need to have this print ready for inclusion into an exhibition about the theme of the written word meant that it had to be finalised without the luxury of slowly re-working it -- a practice I use to refine the work until I am satisfied that it is the best possible outcome. I'm still uncertain about its quality but, once it has been sent to the printer, I'm committed to it, regardless of any misgivings I have about it.
This piece was prompted by the phrase, The Writing on the Wall, rather than any specific historic art work about the theme, such as Rembrandt's Belshazzar's Feast. It visualises from the Book of Daniel, the biblical source of the phrase that is synonymous with impending doom, a disembodied hand predicting, using a cryptic text written on a wall, King Belshazzar's fate during a feast. This depiction is of a suburban backyard barbecue where the guests are either nonchalant, or vaguely nonplussed, about the strange graffiti that has mysteriously appeared on the fence, much like a society who haven't acknowledged an existential threat, such as climate change.

Suburbia: Re-Imaginings on Youtube
Rembrandt, Belshazzer's Feast: The National Gallery, London