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Re-imagining 17

Re-Imagining 17:
The Tempest; Giorgione

Inkjet on watercolour paper
90 x 60 centimetres

Giorgione's 1508 painting, The Tempest has fascinated me since I first saw it in an art textbook when I was a high school student. The guardsman watching a mother suckling a baby, the ruins in the background, and most of all, the lightning bolt in the steely grey sky has a memorable but confounding narrative. But little, apart from the figures, has survived the translation in this re-imagining, although a first version I made did include the brooding heavens.
The reason why this came about is, when faced with making the background, I decided as a expedience to import the suburban backdrop which had been built for another project. The serendipity of this shortcut was that the juxtaposition of suburbia, motherhood and the protector, in this case a vigilante type figure, provided an nice symbolic reading of the suburbs as a haven from turmoil and ambiguity. I later revisited the theme in this series, using the same buildings, however in this instance suburban tranquility has been disturbed.

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