Sex Tape
Sex Tape
Inkjet on watercolour paper
90 x 67.5 centimeters

After reimagining mainly images of the past, Sex Tape is the first of this series that explores a contemporary theme. Access to fast internet bandwidth and inexpensive easy to use video cameras has led to the growth of do-it-yourself porn posted online.

Exploring such salacious material presents a problem if the finished work is to be exhibited in a mainstream gallery. Consequently I chose the moment when this woman is about to expose herself to her audience using the lighting to conceal what our imagination knows what is about to unfold.

My research into this topic revealed a variety of body types which makes this type of erotica more interesting than the standard maufactured porn and when I commenced this project I chose to allow for a degree of randomness in the software settings used to produce this figure. It resulted in her lean muscularity and severely clipped blonde hair and I opted to dress her in casual clothes as if her decision was an impromptu interruption to a routine day.

The image reveals aspects about this woman's life, that she is most likely a mother is suggested by the soft toy propped up beside the couch and the tricycle in the backyard. A viewer could also assume that boredom with her circumstances might offer a reason why this woman is about to break the rules of propriety. The house is dull and suburban, the room is decorated in insipid tones of beige with a picture window overlooking a cramped yard and a paling fence blocking her view of the world.

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