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Poster for RMIT Union night

RMIT Union Nite

C. 1980
Three colour screen print on MG litho paper
76 x 51 centimeters
Collection Australian National Gallery

This is another in house poster made at the RMIT Union Arts poster workshop for a Union Arts rock night. The poster simulates the streetscape outside the Storey Hall venue, but unable to find a suitable image in time I substituted a photo of a Berlin street. The nice vanishing point perspective of illuminated shop windows and neon signage could be incorporated with text to dynamically simulate a vibrant night time city.

The Union Arts staff and the students responsible for taping the posters up around campus were always pleased with high rates of disappearance of works from the walls because that indicated that the design was a success. Interestingly, one of these purloined posters resurfaced on the kitchen wall of the inner city shared house in the film about 1970's bohemian Melbourne life, Dogs In Space.