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Poster for the Melbourne Fringe Festival

Poster for the first Melbourne Fringe Festival

C. 1981
Two colour screen print on MG litho paper
51 x 76 centimeters
Collection National Gallery of Australia

Cigarette smoking, Industrial musician Z'ev is seen playing a giant spring while Olivia Newton John dances and sings in a tiger striped jump suit. Naturally neither of these artists performed at the fairly modest first Melbourne Fringe Festival but they provided nice imagery for this poster. During this period, aerosol paint cans were becoming the graffiti artist's medium of choice, and this is reflected by spray can lettered title. Among the listed 'sponsors' of the event is a group called Urban Skinner, a guerrilla art group to which I belonged were subversively included without permission of the organisers. The organisation of the event was, in typical community style, ad hoc and I donated my services gratis, hence they didn't complain.

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