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Front and back covers of the Artworkers Union Publication

Front and back cover of the Victorian Artworkers Union Publication

Circa 1979-80
Three colour screen print on glossy coated paper
A3 folded
Collection Australian National Gallery

"Are We Not Men?" Was the question posed in the refrain of a track by the late 1970's alternative band Devo. The group's chorus of "We are Devo!" is left blank on the Victorian Artworkers Union magazine back cover, which paraphrases the Devo album aesthetic, leaving it for artists to decide where they stood -- or perhaps it was prophetic of the organisation's short life. The magazine format had all the qualities of the underground 'zine - stapled photocopied pages from the contributors mixed with linocuts and screen printed colour sections, even including a mock advertisement. The copies quickly became collectible despite misgivings in some quarters about the lack of serious tone in the presentation.

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