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Poster title RMIT Union Artist on Campus Scheme

RMIT Union Artist on Campus Scheme

Three colour screen print on MG litho paper
62 x 51 cms
Collection National Gallery of Australia

The RMIT Union Arts Activities poster workshop produced most of its work for various in-house Union Arts events such as this one, a photographic exhibition and a performance by two invited artists. The sprawling scale of the university always fascinated me and when I heard about an informal archivist who had been collecting photographic material of RMIT history, I decided to pay the man a visit. Although he had interesting historic photos, such as a group of rockers with their slicked back hair leaning against their British motorbikes, it was a growing interest in architecture that caused me to select a photo of a major building wing under construction.

The problem of the best way to translate the black and white photo into a print with a rich colour palette by using minimal stencils, led to the solution of overlaying process colours (yellow, magenta and cyan) in a manner that produces somewhat unpredictable results. Fortunately the staff at Union Arts activities encouraged artistic and technical experimentation, and hence were very pleased with the translation of a fairly ordinary piece of photographic documentation in to an eye popping poster that stood out on the campus walls.