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Digital print Polygonal City 8

Polygonal City 8
Restaurant in Kas, Turkey

Inkjet on watercolour paper
70 x 41 centimeters

Eating is always a welcome part of travelling, and apart from anticipating the food, I have always been intrigued by the siting and the ambiance of cafes and restaurants, and this restaurant in Kas, on the Turkish Mediterranean coast, is situated above the waterfront and is pleasingly free of solid walls.

This presented a dilemma when it came to modelling this scene because I wanted the focus to be on the diners and the furnishing, but I was less interested in the background and the problem of how it should be reproduced. Enclosing the walls with grid-like battens was both a means of defining the space and screening off the surroundings, which could then be simulated by the expediency of a projected image. An unexpected result of this solution was that the perspective of those linear elements, combined with the out-of-focus stretched background, led to an odd hallucinatory effect.

I have always been an advocate of exploiting useful unanticipated developments during the creation of art works, yet despite the strong linearity, and the silhouetted figures in the shadowed central portion of the composition, I would now work harder at refining the result, especially by fine tuning the over-saturated colour palette.

Photo of the restaurant in Kas