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Digial print Polygonal City 5

Polygonal City 5
Atlantic Hotel, Kijkduin

Inkjet on watercolour paper
70 x 52 centimeters

Kijkduin is seaside resort on the southern fringe of The Hague, the Dutch city where I spent my earlier years. It's a pleasant landscape of dunes dotted with maritime icons that reflect Dutch seafaring history, and in summer the paraphernalia of that season appears -- umbrellas, flags, deck chairs, and a favourite take away snack, patate frite, potato chips which are traditionally served in paper cones.

Hence the visual shorthand of the fries in the cone which signifies the specialty of the fast food van which in this print would be out of frame on the left. The clean Mondriaan-like palette of primary colours used in this print is typical of of the geometry of the post war Dutch built landscape, and the spiny dunes grasses are typical of the natural coastal landscape.

Photo of the site in Kijkduin