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Digial print Polygonal City 4

Polygonal City 4
Ottoman kiosk in Istanbul

Inkjet on watercolour paper
70 x 52 cms

When I researched the indistinct signage captured in my holiday snap of this Ottoman era kiosk in Istanbul, I found someone had posted a photo on an online forum discussing beverages, which taken from exactly the same position! It was partly due to that intriguing co-incidence, but mostly the increasing awareness of the urban white noise of product branding that prompted me to examine the appropriation of public space by commercial interests. Although this lovely Ottoman period kiosk is located on a street of undistinguished utilitarian buildings, I found out, after I posted this image on an online forum about 3D modelling, that it is recognised as a fine example of the city's heritage architecture when Turkish 3D enthusiast replied to the posting, expressing his pleasure in my choice of subject matter in his city.

The shop window on the lower right of the image presented a problem because I didn't have an appropriate texture that I could use that was sourced from the locale. The solution was to insert a window of an Op Shop (thrift shop) I had photographed locally, close to the site featured in this print, which suffers considerably more from the visual pollution of signage.

Source photo of the kiosk in Istanbul