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Digial print Polygonal City 3

Polygonal City 3
Broken Hill Mine

Inkjet on watercolour paper
70 x 52 centimeters

I first saw the remote Australian desert mining town of Broken Hill during a dramatic dust storm which turned the sky into the colour of mud, which gave the fantastic industrial landscape a distinctly apocalyptic quality. I took an immediate liking to this subject because of the mysterious shrine like quality of the shiny new green box on its freshly concreted pedestal protected by the fluorescent safety webbing set in a site of general dereliction.

There is a certain cheesiness about the cartoonish wooden baulks, the Calvary cross of the utility pole outlined against a menacing black cloud, the sinister outsize ventilators and the broken Stalag style lights. It's a Mad Max landscape complemented by the muddy sky, toxic looking rock face and long shadows diagonally slashing the composition. These post industrial qualities may seem improbable but the reality of the location was only massaged lightly to meet these aesthetic needs.

Photo of a Broken Hill mine site