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Digital print Polygonal City 20

Polygonal City 20
Fibro Shack

Inkjet on watercolour paper
75 x 50 centimeters

The traditional holiday home on the Mornington Peninsula is a humble fibre-cement sheet clad box with a flat roof. The snazzier examples, like this one in the bayside suburb of Dromana, will have higher ceilings, wider eaves and marked rake to the roofline. However, it wasn't the architectural merit of this house that prompted its use in this print, it seemed appropriate as an example of a building seen in an environment that is less than ideal as a site for a home.

This thought occurred to me while driving along a busy rural road and noting the occasional house which had once enjoyed country peacefulness, but with the encroaching suburbia, is now blighted by heavy traffic and dwarfed by electricity pylons. If I had a choice, it would not be a place where I would choose to live, and it made me wonder who lived there and how they would feel about their surroundings. The Golem like figure was not intended to look the way he had turned out, but rather than strive for him to be more human like, I thought his appearance could propose the idea of adaption to a vaguely hostile environment. The car looks improbably fancy for the locale but indicates a pride in possession of a beautiful object that belies the otherwise modest circumstances of the owner.

Reference photo of a fibro shack
Photo of The Golem