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Polygonal City 2

Polygonal City 2
Fountain, Geelong foreshore

2014; Second version. 2009; Original version.
Inkjet on watercolour paper
70 x 52 cms

The Geelong foreshore has a pleasing art deco quality that sits quite well with its attraction as a picnic area and bathing place overlooking Corio Bay. The first version of this print came about through the questionable strategy of seeking an appropriate subject to enter in a print prize hosted by the city's gallery.
Over time, the shortcomings of that piece became evident, hence this second version, which includes major changes such as shifting the 'camera' view to look towards the rise, and changing the lighting from a strong noontime illumination to a twilight mixed with artificial lights. The tiny solitary figure in the first version has been ditched in favour of a couple who may be on the cusp of forming a dialogue. The insertion of these figures was not gratuitous -- despite a determined effort, the scene, although it is picturesque in the flesh, did not contain the right elements to sustain enough interest as subject matter for an art work. A comparison between the two works highlight the evolution of not only technique, but also the affect that more sophisticated software has on aesthetic possibilities.

Photo of the Corio Bay foreshore, Geelong