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Digital print Polygonal City 14

Polygonal City 14
Bendigo Park

Inkjet on watercolour paper
70 x 52 centimeters

The former gold mining boom town of Bendigo has some splendid architecture, statuary and parkland situated in the city centre, however, presenting this pleasant environment without people felt like a hollow enterprise. I have always been amused by the attitude of people who are engaged in using mobile phones, and how that activity seems to shut out any attention to their surroundings. So here we have people demonstrating that very contemporary body language associated with modern technology in a landscape of Victorian relics that reference the ancient roots of western culture.

The citizens of Bendigo may be puzzled by the absence of the Anzac soldier missing from his plinth and replaced by the goddess Athena, and they may be confused by the 1950's style park benches, which I have associated with public parks since childhood, instead of the bland but practical contemporary seats the town council has seen fit to install. In short, this public space is partly imagined and partly real.

This is also the first print where I have made liberal use of the assets freely provided on the Internet. The Athena statue, the Lombardy poplars, the woman on the phone, and the landscape and sky were downloaded and incorporated into the scene in a bricolage fashion. This decision was pragmatic, building high quality 3D models is difficult and time consuming, but equally importantly, collaging pre-existing elements that suit my intent, have for years been part of my working method in other media.

Photo of Bendigo park and statues