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Digital print Polygonal City 12

Polygonal City 12
Palace Hotel, Echuca

Inkjet on watercolour paper
70 x 47 centimeters

Because of its history as a port, Echuca, on the Murray River has more than the usual amount of pubs. Buildings such as these always feel a bit strange after hours, particularly in the deserted hours of early morning. It is not only the lack of cars and long shadows of the man walking his dog that invoke this mood, it is the chilliness of the sunless section of the street and the low light bringing out an unnatural redness in the brick work. The parallel with American artist Edward Hopper and his depictions of treeless streets with early 20th century red brick houses became evident with the first test renderings of this print and I felt quite happy to go with the unintended reference.

Photo of the Palace Hotel, Echuca