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Digital print Polygonal City 10

Polygonal City 10
Cafe in Albert Park

Inkjet on watercolour paper
70 x 52 centimeters

This cafe is a fiction. Even though it does not exist, the bentwood chairs, the monochrome tiles and the waitress with a black apron, identify it as any of the ubiquitous cafes around Melbourne. The setting is after dark when many of these establishments close for the day, and customers patronise a bar instead.

This print was made before I had acquired figure modelling software, and thus the waitress is made from an image projected onto the digital equivalent of a cardboard cut-out. This deceit can be seen in the reflection in the glass door; the front of the model is visible rather than the back, and her shadows projected on the floor reveal the two dimensional nature of the construct. I could have easily worked out a way of making the illusion more convincing, but I preferred to leave clues that this ensemble is an artificial, and leave the surprise for the sharp-eyed viewer to uncover. The waitress is also out of scale compared to the objects in the room because, at the correct scale, the figure lost too much of its impact.

Photo of the cafe precinct in Bridport St, Albert Park, Melbourne.
Photo source for the waitress