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Digial print Polygonal City 1

Polygonal City 1
Former Customs House, Port MacDonnell

2014; Second version. 2009; Original version.
Inkjet on watercolour paper
70 x 60 centimeters

Port McDonnell, a fishing town near the Victorian and South Australian border, is short on aesthetic charms. Fishing boats bobbing in the harbour, hamburger joints, fish and chip shops and the occasional Norfolk Island pine give it a somewhat classic Australian seafront appearance. The picturesque former customs building in this print is sited across from an LPG gas tank sited unceremoniously on the beachfront promenade, and the view behind it consists of generic Australian suburban housing on broad, flat streets. The odd architectural mix also includes a water tower and a small war memorial.
This is the second version of this print -- the first had a spartan composition and was roughly textured -- but because it had poetic lighting, and because it was one of the first prints in this series, I wasn't as critical of its shortcomings as I should have been. The revised version still honours the intent of the original by keeping the dusky lighting and compositional framing, but in a nod to the work of the Italian metaphysical artist, Giorgio De Chirico, a style of classical sculpture that the artist favoured showing a figure reclining on a plinth, has been added.

Photo of the Port MacDonnell Customs House