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Digital print Polygonal City 0

Polygonal City 0:
Lang Lang Caravan Park

Inkjet on watercolour paper
70 x 52 cms

This scene features a caravan park at Lang Lang on the shore of Westernport Bay. On the day I took the reference photos for this print, my wife and I were the only visitors on a bleak sunday, with an icy wind blasting over the mud flats, which gave the landscape a forlorn beauty.
The print was originally made as a counterpart to a painting and some of the models in it were textured with bitmaps digitally extracted from the art work. Three versions depicting the landscape in morning, noon and evening light were made, but only this print, the evening scene, was retained. Although it was intended as an experiment, the fact that it became an experimental prototype for the Polygonal Cities series sealed its inclusion retrospectively as print number zero.
Perhaps the other reason for including it, is the iconic status of the caravan as a holiday retreat on the seafront in Australia -- even if it has a basic tin box annexed to it and enjoys a view of a dreary mudflat.

Photo of the Lang Lang Caravan Park