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Collage title Ice


Photo sensitive emulsion, calico, lead, wax and oil paint
56 x 41 centimeters

One of the more memorable images delivered by the Mary Shelley book, Frankenstein, is of the monster escaping humanity (and its creator) by living on an arctic ice flow. The solitary person in a frozen wasteland is also a potent apocalyptic metaphor; it is hard to imagine anything more lonely.

This collage employed a technique of drawing the background image using the very basic MacPaint software which permitted only black and white bitmaps. The drawing was printed with a dot matrix printer and then reproduced on a sheet of bromide film which was used as a positive to expose the image onto canvas coated with pigmented photo sensitive emulsion. The final result was a colour enlargement on canvas that was glued onto plywood and formed the background of a collage.

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