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Collage title Climate


Stencilled colour, fly wire mesh and lead
56 x 41 centimeters

When I made this collage there was media speculation about the apocalyptic consequences of a nuclear war between the superpowers resulting in a nuclear winter, when a blanket of radio-active dust blanks out the sun. Beside the harmful effects of the hole in the ozone layer, there were also growing concerns about the potential catastrophe of greenhouse warming.

A figure, carved out of lead flashing, is on his knees under a dark cloud and torrential rain, hope fading with the diminishing strip of light. Apocalyptic themes were briefly fashionable in the visual arts during the 1980's, especially the pessimism of some Neo-Expressionist art, but the inspiration for this piece aligned more with William Blake's visionary suite of paintings, Paradise Lost, and the Max Ernst surrealist painting, Europe after the Rain.

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