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Collage titled Bar


Photocopy, dot matrix print, calico and acrylic paint
56 x 41 centimeters

Bar was made when a teacher friend lent me an Apple Mac for the duration of the school holidays. Although I had limited experience using this technology, I played with the Superpaint graphics software that was loaded on the computer, to produce a number of drawings based on a photographic still from the 1962 film noir, Cape Fear. At this stage the exercise was purely for learning the programme, and it was not until I decided to embark on this series of collages, Figures in a Landscape, that I printed these drawings on watercolour paper using a dot matrix printer. The drawings, pasted on a photocopied background, and further worked with dabs of paint formed a basis to which more layers were added until the image started to dissolve.

The style of the collage is semi-abstract; its messiness is an attempt to replicate the poor resolution reference photos captured from a badly tuned black and white television, with the dark 'bar' seen on the left being a nod to the decayed image. This uncertainty about the status of the image became a template for the subsequent collages in the series, with devices such as the hatching using calico strips adding another layer of indeterminacy.

Still from Cape Fear
Screen grab Superpaint drawing software