Gimme it Easy 1
Gimme it Easy 1
Circa 1979
Screen print
Diptych, each panel 42 x 40 centimeters

Gimme it Easy is a screen print on the theme of divided loyalty. The left panel shows a man trying to explain to his soon to be ex-partner on the left his reasons for taking up with the woman in the bikini standing in the swimming pool. The right panel could imply an inconclusive future where the parties have moved on to a new life.

This reason for the diptych was to find a way around the size limitations of the screen printing frames I had available to me at the time yet it also provided a means to play with the compositional structure of the print while offering a narrative potential, in this case the passing of time. I had some doubts about the crude drawing of the right panel compared to the relatively sophisticated handling of the panel with the figures and those doubts have been confirmed with the passage of time.

Backgound of the screen prints 1977-1981