Pines on the Mornington Peninsula
Pines on the Mornington Peninsula
Inkjet on watercolour paper
75 x 56 centimeters

Although this series is called Polygon Cities, this print, the last of the series, is set in rural environment and the reason is that I wanted to make a print which depicts a characterisitic of the locality where I live, the pine windbreak. The Mornington Peninsula is semi-rural and it is regularly subject to strong winds, hence the farmers grew these windbreaks to protect their properties and this feature has a mood that, at times, particularly the dark days in winter, has a slightly forbidding quality.

The man in the hat seen striding through this landscape was added to suggest a time before the area saw a massive influx of people who have moved here for lifestyle reasons. The Mornington Peninsula is now synonymous with beach resorts, vineyards and fine dining and this solitary figure out in the rain questions this pleasant narrative.

How Polygon Cities developed