Lang Lang Beach
Lang Lang Beach
Inkjet on watercolour paper
70 x 52 centimeters

Lang Lang Beach is small foreshore camping ground overlooking the tidal north of Westernport Bay and on the day I visited the weather was cold and grey with a strong wind blowing over the exposed mud flats. At the time I was working on a series of landscape paintings which employed a stippling technique to define the forms and one photo I had taken that day, of a sea wall with a caravan and a tin shed, formed the basis of a painting which ultimately provided the composition and textures for this print, the first one of this series.

The transference of the textures from the art work to the print required some work in a bitmap editor to correct the distortion caused by the perspective of the painting. This was the only case where I had attempted this process, all the subsequent pieces of this series used quasi-naturalistic texturing.

I made three versions of this scene, each lit for different times of the day, before I settled for the night-time version because it was the most atmospheric.

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