A coffee Shop in Albert Park
A coffee Shop in Albert Park
Inkjet on watercolour paper
70 x 52 centimeters

Albert Park is a gentrified inner city Melbourne suburb noted for its pleasant cafes and bookshop in the main shopping strip. Coffee shops have become a Melbourne institution who cater for a day-time clientele enjoying a coffee and a snack and unless they segue to serving alcohol in the evening, the closed and darkened establishment after hours has always struck me as a bit forlorn.

This scene shows a waitress who has locked the door and is cleaning up in preparation for the next day, the street has no pedestrians, just some parked cars belonging to the residents of the apartments.

When I made this series I set a brief to keep the technicalities of the 3D modelling used for their production simple and one strategy was to use figures projected onto a two dimensional plane rather than dealing with the difficulties of a full 3D model. The keen eyed observer can note this by the reflection of the waitress in the glass door, we don't see her back as one would expect. The bother of correcting this anomaly didn't appeal to me so I let it stand as a sort of Easter egg.

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