R.M.I.T. Union Nite
R.M.I.T. Union Nite
Screen print
76 x 51 centimeters
Collection National Gallery of Australia

R.M.I.T. Union Nite is another poster I made for the R.M.I.T. Union Arts Activities press and like many of the posters produced there at that time it promotes a Union Arts event, in this case a rock night at the campus. The venue was along a busy thouroughfare and the association of entertainment with a neon landscape seemed like a suitable motif which could be explored aesthetically as a visual play of colour against a dark background.

Because Union Arts Activities was funded by the students through a compulsory levy, nobody became upset with the theft of posters and this poster disappeared from the campus walls very quickly, much to the pleasure of the Union Arts staff because it confirmed their relevance to the student body. One interesting upshot of these disappearances was the poster reappearing in a popular film called Dogs in Space; it was used to decorate the bohemian Melbourne shared house which was the focus of the movie.

The background of the graphics