Screen print, photocopy, dot matrix print, dry transfer lettering and lead
56 x 41 centimeters

When I worked on this series of collages I concurrently worked on a folio of screen prints called Saturn Spring. Both projects share common themes, Saturn Spring ironically refers to the emotional tumult brought on by the astrological phenomenon, the Saturn return, and in this collage, Data, there's a figure watching that planetary transit on the horizon. The other overlap is that I reused misprints from Saturn Spring for some of the collaged elements in this series, for example the figure we see here is taken from this print.

Below the planetary movements there's a jumble of information hidden in the landscape, strings of random letters and numbers suggest that there are more hidden meanings waiting to be decyphered. The period when Data was made coincided with the increasing adoption of the home computer and although the internet was unknown, this collage prefigures the bewildering explosion of information in the coming years.

The background of the Figures in a Landscape collages